Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 61: The Story of Christ's Birth Never Grows Old, No Matter How Often Told

It's beginning to look a lot like......summer!
Summer every day all dayyy.

We will get transfer news this Sunday night- pretty unfortunate the transfer ends some few days before Christmas instead of after. But I think my companion will be leaving unfortunately. I wouldn't mind being with him for Christmas and a few more transfers though- he is a great guy.

One night this week we didn't have power and it was a horrrible night. Imagine trying to sleep in a super hot sauna/house in the hottest city in East Africa. It just didn't work. Power hasn't been a problem until this last week but thankfully we have only been without it once at night.

We were not able to have our baptism this week because of a water problem at the church to fill the font but hopefully we will be having it this Saturday. Had a super nice lesson in Priesthood about the Birth of the Savior. One quote I took away from it was 'The story of Christ's birth never grows old, no matter how often told'.

It was nice to have 2 returned missionaries back to the Branch in the same week, one Elder from Zimbabwe and a Sister back from Uganda ... and for me-- a year left before I finish seems not that long at all. Time is flying.

This week amongst other things, I was studying the talk Teaching Helps Save Lives by Russell T. Osguthorpe and I found it really nice especially relating to missionary work and the importance of it.

Not much else for this week except my companion and I found a gym we go to every morning now- and I have a testimony you don't need a 24 hour fitness to get ripped. That will make sense with the pictures I send next week.

Hope ya'll got some pictures today though.

Annnnnd pretty glad to see MARCUS MARIOTA snag the Heisman!

Go Ducks!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Bowling -- and I rocked the High Score!
Riding a Bull - because Why Not?!
Place where we get our eggs -- yeah, they have a few!
Doin' the Lord's Work
Tent I tried to make to escape the heat and keep cool
when our AC went out -- No, it didn't work. 
Was even hotter. So tough to sleep!

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