Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 55: New Opportunities, Commitments & Lots of Pix!

Hope all is well back home with everyone. Today on email it hasn't really phased me that Utah lost because of the successful hunting week ya'll had! And I hope everyone's Halloween was good- I'll send you a picture of ours soon.

Well it has gone from rainy and muddy to hot and sunny. Next week is transfers.

Zone conference in Eldoret was fantastic. I looked at the program and first thing that came to mind was Wow, this is inspired. I really enjoyed all of it. I learned a lot.

Elder Moline and I were on exchanges and we were able to do some very good work together and also have some fun. Since we are with Elder Odundo and Elder Moline often when we travel to Kitale, us 4 have become really close friends. On the exchange though, we were ripping down a path and I stopped to wait for Elder Moline for a second and I greeted some kid who was just coming from school, said something to Elder Moline then I turned and all I see is this kid booking it down the path. Then a scream/cry is coming from her. She was really we followed, she threw her bags and flip flops and ran even faster. Got to the bottom of the path where it meets the dirt road and her family was there and the kid was scared because we are both whites. It was pretty crazy.

Friday we received a referral from Elder Thomas from the system, and contacted him in the evening. Talked to him Saturday, and Sunday morning while we were getting ready for Church, he had arrived there over an hour and a half early on a motorcycle. He even bore his testimony in Church on Sunday. His name is Vincent, he is 27, a very nice guy, and we will be going to visit him on Saturday with the Branch Mission Leader and Branch President. He found out about the Church by chatting with a Sister Missionary in the States on Facebook. He says he will be there when we come and he has talked to all his friends he plays football with every week and they all want to meet us. He lives about a 2 hour bike ride away from the church in a place called Kipkarren.   

In a lesson with an investigator at a recent convert's house it was going real well. He was asking some good questions (the second time we have met with him) and he has read most of the Teachings of the Prophets books by the church. He knows quite a lot and speaks really good English. The spirit was really strong there, and as I am just about to commit the investigator to a baptismal date, my companion grabs a full size chicken that is making noises and chucks it in the air across the room towards the door and it is making all kinds of noise trying to fly and it took the spirit right away. Then it went right back to where it was under the couch. I was so mad at him. Anyways, our investigator still committed to be baptized after that!

Sunday after Church we had Seminary Graduation (3 graduated) and the Flakes did a great job- even making a bulletin/program thing for it...haven't seen one of those since home. Then they made cakes for refreshments and Wowwww! I was home.

We will be having a Baptism on Sunday for Doris- she is 26 years, from a part member family. Besides her, all of our investigators we are teaching have had to have their baptism dates pushed back to next transfer (Dec 21) because right now are exams in schools and most people we are teaching are still in school. So when schools close within the next 2 weeks we will be even more busy than we are now. I hope I stay to see many people baptized next transfer. We are teaching many and in this area there are so many people prepared by the Lord for us to teach.

Take care everyone, not that long til Christmas!
Mzee Eveson
Balancing the Pizzas with Elder Tebbs

Playing American Football . . . in Suits!

This Calf is only about 10 hours old

Vincent (new Investigator that showed up early) and his pikipiki
driver -- both bore their testimonies in Church on Sunday

Serious Mountain Biking - top half of trail

Chilling while reading a talk -- rare occasion to wear a sweatshirt.
Loving these sweet couches I picked out for our Palace.

Flashback Photo to Last Christmas in South Africa
-- I've changed a bit

Yummy Grubbin'

Our "Halloween" Candy

Mt. Elgon view from our area

Seminary Graduation with Cake & Ice Cream
-- Nicely Done thanks to the Flakes

Yes, I ate cake for breakfast too!

Organization Board -- helps so much!
Numbers correlate to Lesson numbers

Bike Selfie  :)

Francis's Baptism a while back with Elder Kisseka

Elder Brandon Keith Eveson!

Elder Moline and Me

Striking a pose

Elder Tebbs and Me

Elders Warwood & Ochieng, Elders Ndaba &
Elliott, Elder Tebbs & Me, Elders Moline & Odundo

Zone Conference in Eldoret (missing Pres. and Sister Hicken)

Tired on the Way Home

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