Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 54: Everyone & their Mamas wants us to teach them, which is a Big Blessing

Well another week.

Sounds like Oregon and Utah football teams are tearing it up!

With getting back to our area Wednesday morning, and not working Sunday after church because of my companion being sick, we were able to have 22 lessons Wednesday through Saturday which I thought was alright. Working hard feels really good. This transfer feels as if it has gone really fast.

My companion and I are really busy with all the people we have to teach and when we contact we keep finding new people to teach then it is hard finding time for them. Trying to balance everything just right. It seems like everyone and their mamas want us to teach them, which has been a big blessing.

Friday my companion and I split and each went with a member which was sweet- got a lot done.

I have been studying a bit out of the book Teachings of the Prophets Brigham young and a section I really like is Preventing Personal Apostasy. Really applies to some things happening in the branch here.

Wednesday is zone conference so that'll be fun. After zone conference we will be doing exchanges with the Naitiri Elders so I'm looking forward to that- I'll be with Elder Moline. Then exchanges with the Kitale Elders week 6 for baptism interviews. On a sidenote the Misikhu branch met in their chapel for the first time yesterday- not sure when the dedication will be but I hope I am still in this zone for it.

The first Sister missionary ever from the branch is leaving tomorrow for the MTC- then coming to serve in the Kenya Nairobi Mission which is sweet.

Not much else to report on, but Saturday night I did 1000 jump rope in 7:11 which was the exact same time as my previous so then my companion tried and he was around 8 minutes then I wanted to break 7 minutes so I tried again and 7:09 so I thought there's some improvement. Then my companion went again and did 1000 more in 6:58, and I was like no way I'm going to bed without beating 7 minutes so I did a 3rd set of 1000 and got it in 6:18. We got to bed a little late but after 3000 skips I felt good. One year left to sexy.


What’s the average temp now? Not sure- maybe 80s?

Do you wear a hat every day? Nope, just bike helmet

Gutted any animals lately? Maybe soon
How’s the mansion, do you sleep in nets still? Really good, and we haven't put the nets up yet haha

While in Durban did you know Elder Armstrong from Meet the Mormons- half black half white kid, did you meet him by chance? Nope

Now you have reached the year mark how are your clothes holding up? Pretty good, wear and tear is starting to show

Do you get mosquito bites much? Not really since I sleep with a fan on me all night

What’s the strangest insect that you have seen? Woah that's hard. Not sure.

Do you like your new companion? Yeaaah it's a sweet companionship

And your District? Yeah everyone is doing well

Are you doing well? Yeah!

Have you seen Meet the Mormons? Not yet! When it comes to Kenya I will! I know almost all missionaries in the states have though.. along with all their iPads....

Well til next week

Mzee Eveson

Much Love from the KNM

Biking!  It's how we roll.

Mud & More Mud!

Fancy Sleeping Quarters

Flag Curtains  :)
Brian & his Mama with Elder Tebbs and Me

Flipping Pancakes for Breakfast

1 Year Anniversary Dinner!

Celebration Time!  1 Year Down - 1 Year to Go!

Watching General Conference on a Laptop during Class

More than a Little Muddy!

Washing off the Mud at the River

Chilling on the Maize

President Mabwa, Me & Brother Timothy

Broken Chain

Dedicating Our Home 

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