Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 56: Meet Vincent, the Kingdom Builder, Blessing Baby Eveson + Transfer News!

Transfer news is tonight..not sure what is going to happen. I have been in this area 6 months now and I hope I stay. I could finish the last year of my mission here. I told some of the members that transfers are Monday and a few started crying. Then it didn't help that I took my journal to church to have people sign just in case I will be leaving. After people would say nice things about me and be feeling down that I'm leaving, I would just say I'll be back here at church on Sunday to make everyone feel good. I really do love this area, and I love how these members and investigators have all become friends and family.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Elliott in Kitale and it went really well.  We met one of their recent converts Walter, and turns out his sister-in-law is the one who just won the last Boston Marathon.  Unfortunately she wasn't there.  Kenya produces some great runners though.

Our Saturday journey to Kipkarren to meet Vincent was great.  He truly is a kingdom builder in his own area.  We went with President Mabwa on bikes.  It took around 2 hours each way - definitely worth it.  We left our place at 8am and returned at 7:30pm.  Turns out he stays past Kipkarren a ways then about a kilometer from the tarmac road. (Riding bikes on tarmac for the first time in forever was really weird).  We met him there and he took us to meet all his buddies from his football team and we were able to answer a lot of questions and teach, then we went to a school and met the principal and a teacher who had some great questions about, and questions from, the Bible we were able to answer, then we went and met his family and taught them all.  Great people.  Vincent is a great guy and wants to keep learning more.  We left him with lots of pamphlets to read himself and give out and then Sunday when we talked to him in the evening he said he went 7 kilometers that day giving out many pamphlets and teaching people what he knows.  He says everyone complains the church is so far but he has hopes that soon the church can go there.  There are so many people who want to learn more there and so many people who have been prepared by the Lord.

Since the area Vincent stays in is quite far and it is a bit expensive for him to come to church on a pikipiki every Sunday (500Ksh) and we aren't allowed to take pikipikis, I think we might start teaching him over the phone and visit when we can - maybe once every few weeks.  Not sure.  But I do know we are the first missionaries to set foot anywhere close to there and the first white people ever to step foot in the village.

Sunday I had the privilege to bless Baby Eveson Akula Ommala, which was pretty awesome.  Then we had the primary program and Wow! it was fantastic.  All the kids had their parts memorized and didn't need help from their teachers.  It was really a good presentation - a little different than home though.

The baptism went very well for Sister Doris on Sunday.  As she stepped into the water she was completely overcome by the spirit and she started tearing up and the spirit was very strong there.  After, she bore an amazing testimony and even quoted a verse from 2nd Nephi from memory, then added a testimony that she really knows the Book of Mormon is true.  The spirit was very strong the whole time.  A great expereince for her and everyone there. 

Tell us again about how you receive packages. There's the Pringle can and have any other kinds of boxes gotten through? If we put pictures of Mary all over the box will you get it? Pringles boxes are just so teeny tiny. And tell us your most desired things also. Give us all the details and be clear about it!

Wellllllll quite the question. Yeah I can get boxes- they just cost me to receive depending on the size and weight. Pringles cans are usually free. And yeah pictures of Mary and Jesus all over! And they have to be sent first class priority or whatever it is so it comes by air within like 3 weeks or it will take a ship and probably get lost like some birthday packages in June I still havent received. And most desired--- ties and old spice fiji. And I'm not joking when I say no candy. Although Jello instant pudding and jello is good along with lemonade packets!

When are all the youth/kids coming home from school? This week schools close

Are you guys getting more missionaries in your area with all of the work to be done? If we could get more missionaries into the mission...

Is it helpful to have the natives serving in the mission to help bridge the gaps between the people and the culture? Yup

How are the bikes? Good, we put those things through daily workouts. I have gotten really good at riding no hands on the bumpy uneven dirt roads though! Then on Saturday when we went on the nice tarmac road I went no hands the whole way downhill just making peoples heads turn.

Is it summer or winter over there? Hahahaha do you mean rainy or dry season? There is only summer here alll year round.

Is that couch a representation of the furniture there? NO. Hahaha reallllly far from it.
What is the gun control in Kenya? No ideaaa

Well til next week-
Mzee Eveson

Editor's Note:  Received this email from the Flakes (whom I am very grateful to for taking such wonderful care of Brandon over the past 6 months) later today.

Transfer News: "Elder Eveson [will] be a Zone Leader in Dar es Salaam. . . . You can be very proud of your son.  He's a great missionary and one of our favorites!" Elder Elliott, whom he is pictured with below, is becoming a District Leader in Busia.

Elder Elliott and Elder Eveson . . .
leaving Kitale, Kenya with GREAT Memories

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