Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 50: 17 Nonmembers at Church + 10 Referrals This Week = Happy Missionaries!

Welllllll now I am able to send pictures so get ready for next week (baptism photos left and right about to come), but we gotta go so not much for this week since time was spent downloading Christmas music that is good for missionaries and messing with pictures. I read all my emails and thanks for them!!! Sorry nobody is getting emails back but I hope y'all understand and have a great week!

Had a great exchange with Elder Dick this week and he is a great guy. Turns out he is headed to Kyambeke - my old area! He is super pumped for it. Also we had the baptism for Francis and he really is a powerful guy and will be a great member. We had 17 nonmembers at church and 10 referrals this week! We will stay busyyyy.

And we aren't supposed to know until tonight but I am staying in the area! I am super excited and my next companion I already know kinda well - he is from AZ. We are going to be able to be super diligent which I am looking forward to. I have really enjoyed my time with Elder Kisekka.

And Elder Moline will also be staying in Naitiri so we will have a 1 year party together.. looking forward to this transfer!

Have a great week! 
Love, Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Feeding the Monkeeeeeeeeys!

Spending time with the Flakes from Eagle Mtn, UT

Random Zebra along the Roadside

Yours Truly . . . Elder Eveson

Kings or Missionaries??!  New Flat for Us!

Some Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words!

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