Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 51: New Flat & One Year Left to Sexy!

What a crazy week. Although we have been here at the cyber for a while..these computers - enough said.

I heard Ebola is now in Dallas? Whaaaaat?

Also a few weeks ago I heard there is an iphone 6, and that Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album? I'm so out of everything. But it seems like College Football is crazy as ever, LeBron is back to the Cavs with NBA about to start back, and Nike is wiping away their tears from Nike University--I mean University of Oregon's loss with their $8 Billion Q1 earnings. Also - shout-out to the Utes!

Has anyone seen this?

This week was really busy although not much work was done or time was spent in our area. We were able to move flats with help from Peter coming from Nairobi (drifted in mud, then had nothing to do after we moved so we went and checked out the Misikhu chapel even though it was super out of the way), the Flakes, my temporary companion during the transfers, Elder Elliott, and Elder Odundo and Elder Moline on Wednesday
Friday, Elder Tebbs and I worked in Kitale with Elder Elliott since he was companion-less until Elder Ndaba arrived from Nairobi in the evening. The day went well and we were able to meet some less actives as well as strong members.We headed back to our area late that evening and on the way the car broke and hahahaha what an adventure. Anyways - got home at 1:45, saw that our master bedroom was flooded so we cleaned that up (some stuff was ruined like books and Liahona magazines, including a section of my journal that can never be replaced) and went to bed at 4am. Then Saturday we had the owner and fundi at our flat so we couldn't really leave our compound. We have done so much to that flat and it takes a lot of work to get moved in with everything set up. Oh - and I picked out the niceee new couches in our flat.

How is the rain? It is only every few days now! It is sooo nice

How is the new comp working out? Sooooooo nice

How did the move go? Pretty fast, I LOVE our new mansion. Everyone in our area calls it Westgate, referring to Westgate Mall- just giant... to say the least. 

Do you like the country living? Yeah it is so much better than being in like Nairobi

Does the mission talk about Ebola? The talk has really died down

Did you get to see any of General Conference down there? Hopefully in the next month or two!

Excited for your 1 year mark? Yeaaaaah!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

The Zone, last transfer, from Left to Right:
Elder Thomas, Elder Mwashi, Elder Dick,
Elder Makazi, Elder Moline, Elder Molosnkwe,
Me, and Elder Kisekka

Elder Kisekka and Me

Elder Thomas and Me

Breakfast with the Flakes before our District Meeting
(Wayyyyyy Better than Denny's!!)

Loving the Mansion -- Just Moved In!
3 Bedrooms + a Master Bedroom, 2 Showers & Bathrooms,
Bathtub, Huge Living Room and Dining Room, Kitchen,
Nice Garage, Outdoor Gazebo and Outdoor Kitchen.
Overall, a giant compound and we are about to live
like Kings! From the Worst Flat in the Mission
to the Best Flat in the Mission! In the
Middle of Nowhere. Super Excited!

Elder Kisekka, my last companion, and I
before he left to Chyulu on Wednesday

Me with a Puppy in Naitiri

Me in front of the Misikhu chapel that is nearly done

The Last of the Sweets - eating leftover ice cream
from peach cobbler we made at the Kitale flat.
Elder Tebbs and I are about to get big
because just as Jaden said - I have
One Year left to Sexy!

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