Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 48: Hastening the Work

Hahahahaha what a joke. Came to email and there has been power, but no internet. Waited for a while then went and found a new place to email from and it is suuuuper slow and won't let me do much at all. Sorry for the lack of replies today. Can't open pictures or anything.

Hopefully this email comes through. Every week it is a different story.

Only 2 more weeks left in the transfer and I really hope Elder Moline and I both stay in this zone so we can be together on our 1 year mark. He was just saying how at home in Grand Prairie, Alberta the last 2 weeks they have gotten sooo much snow already, meanwhile the sun is in full shine where we're at.
Some realllly good news is the visas for a lot of the Elders and Sisters waiting to come to this mission are close to coming through! That would be sweet if they all came to this mission within the next 2 transfers.

Went and did a baptism interview for Elder Moline and Elder Odundo this week and he was baptized on Sunday and they said it went really well. For us, part member families and referrals have been very helpful and that is what is keeping us very busy.

Friday we had scripture class at the church as we do every week but we have been focusing on getting all the Priesthood and Auxiliary leaders there and the attendance was pretty good.

Sunday was great, Simon who was just baptized the previous week volunteered to teach Gospel Principles class and he did a great job, it seemed as if he has been a member since he was born.
Sunday afternoon we biked to Naitiri and then went to a dinner appointment with Elder Moline and Elder Odundo which was super sweet then flew back to their flat in the dark on our bikes on dirt paths. We all have a good time together.

Overall this week we received 5 referrals and had 7 new investigators which was super sweet. We have been asked as a district to have at least 10 contacts a day- just talking more with everyone we see so we'll see how that goes.

Somehow I was able to figure out that sometime Oct/Nov we will be moving from the worst flat in the mission to the best...a realllly big house. We aren't supposed to know but when we were in Nairobi I got the inside scoop. Really looking forward to that and I hope I am still in the are when the time comes to move.

It seems the heavy rains are slowing this past week it rained once really short so here comes the dust. And mango season is just about here which is sweet.

How is the food and climate? Pretty good and quite hot

You still staying skinny? Ha, growing

How long have you been gone?I feel like you should be coming home soon!  Haha yeah I've been gone a few weeks or so

There have been some problems in the branch due to various members- It has been a little tough to strengthen the branch when there are different problems affecting the branch but a  miracle has been how the work continues to increase for us rather than slowing down. The Lord is really hastening His work and nobody can stop it. 

Love you all have a great weeeeek, Let er buck.
Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

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