Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 42: Catch the Wave of Sharing His Gospel and Hastening His Work & Learning to Live by the Still Small Voice

Hey hope the week was good for all of you.
Tuesday was Elder Moline's birthday- now he's 19- and we had breakfast at the senior couples house which we do every 2 weeks. Wow man it is like Denny's but way better! We had pancakes this time- last time was German pancakes and he time before French toast- and man I almost died the food was so good. Yup- I miss food from home.

To sum up the week, we were able to do some good missionary work this week and will be having baptisms next week.
Tomorrow I will be giving training in our Zone Training Meeting so we'll see how it goes. Found this image I attached pertaining to members and missionaries. Catch the wave of sharing the gospel and Hastening His work!

So my zone leader Elder D. Thomas saw the Italian name tag that Tyler sent me that he used on his mission and mentioned his older brother B. Thomas served in the Milan Italy mission as well. Turns out that B. Thomas and Tyler were in the same group from the MTC and in the same mission the whole time! Small world.
I did accidentally skip a week on the subject line but it all works out because now week 52 will be a Monday- and I will have entered the MTC a little later that week. That 1 year mark is coming quick.
Forgot to mention that guy from Celebrity Cruises I met last week- he went from here in the village to the worst slums in Nairobi and now working on cruises. He emailed me and it will be nice to go back and forth occasionally with him.

Here's a fun fact- I am about 150 miles from where Obama grew up- where he ran around eating mandazis and playing football with the village kids.

Also- a bit weird to think I am representing all white people in these areas/villages where I serve- I think it might be really weird going home and seeing white people everywhere.
When you convert it from Kenyan Shillings, my weekly haircut costs 22 US cents..crazy or what?


How’s your tan?

Man my arms are quite tan from biking! They are always in the sun compared to my face. Maybe I'll send you guys some pictures this winter when you are starving for the sun to come back.

How are you doing? 

Super well, loving the mission.

How's the weather over there?

Hot and sunny every day.....haha

Since the rainy season is over is it really much hotter?

Haven't been able to tell really but the rains still come a lot- not sure if the rain season is totally over.
How do you keep your white shirts looking nice and white?

Hahahahaa that's a good question. What white shirts? I rotate between 2 proselyting shirts just so I don't ruin all my shirts and I have a member wash them and she actually does a good job.

How often are you eating meat and what kind?

Every now and then. Once or twice a week. Made myself tacos this week and I almost died- too good.
Are you learning to live by and listen to the spirit?

Yessssir. Slowly but surely.

Share any spiritual experiences that you had this last week?

Majority of them head to the journal. I have seen how they come more often when 2 companions are obedient and diligent together compared to when I am being obedient and my companion isn't.
Just want to share something that was sent to me that I thought was super powerful and something I think you all should read....

AFY (Adventure for Youth) was the best experience I've ever had. This is a thing you go to that is like EFY (Especially for Youth), but adventure. My favorite was the blind walk. If you don't know what a blind walk is, its like this. So you get blind folded, and everyone holds hands. Then the counselors take your hands lead different people to different places until everyone is alone and not holding hands anymore. After everyone is alone, you follow the sound you hear. There are two sounds, a loud really obnoxious sound, and then a sweet, soft sound. You have to really listen to be able to hear the soft noise, you have to work to be able to hear it. But the loud noise, you just hear. So I started to follow the soft sound, because immediately I knew I was not suppose to follow the loud one. I waited to hear another sound, then I heard it. I worked my way to the sound, then I eventually made it to a rope, a rope that would lead me to my destination. The rope symbolized the iron rod. When I made it to the end, I had endured many obstacles of running into trees and tripping over logs because it was in a little forest thing. When I got there, my AFY counselor hugged me and said welcome home. That is just like our life. We need to stay attached to the iron rod, and we need to follow Heavenly Father, and the holy ghost's soft words speaking to us. If we do follow in His path, we will eventually make it home, which is home with our perfect Heavenly Father. When we were walking back to our camp I was talking to this girl from North Carolina that was in my group, I asked her if she liked it, then I found out, she wasn't a member. But then she told me after that blind walk and having the Spirit with her during that, it made her want to be a member. That strengthened my testimony more than anything this week. This week was an amazing experience and I built a strong testimony of the gospel. I'm very grateful to have it in my life.
I too add my testimony to this knowing that if we hold to the rod we will be able to make it home to out Heavenly Father. The gospel blesses families and individuals. And as we live worthy of it, we will be able to always have the Spirit with us.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Eveson

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