Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 41: The Best Book Ever and Priesthood Line Extending to Africa


There's is a Kibukusu greeting for you- one of the local tribe languages.

So just a few things-
First off have fun all of you headed to Wallowa Lake for Chief Joseph Days. Definitely a week of the summer I always look forward to.

Sorry about the lack of responses to everyone's emails- thank you for them but it is a bit hard with the time we have and being backed up 3 weeks doesn't help. Not sure how the email situation will work out next week either.

I started reading cover to cover the best book ever this transfer with a goal to finish it in 6 weeks. I have never read it anywhere close to that fast before. Now, it being the start of week 3, I have realized it's not really possible so hopefully I can finish it in 12 weeks. 531 pages- it's called the Book of Mormon. You should read it too!

Members in the branch are preparing to go to the temple so that's really cool to see happen. They're all real excited- about to get passports- I just wish us missionaries could go with. The closest temple is in South Africa.

Crazy to hear about the Reynolds High School shooting a bit ago- crazy stuff.

Apparently the rain season is coming to a close and people tell me it's about to get real hot. As if it weren't hot enough already. Ha.

I have been really blessed to be able to serve in the true village- many humble and teachable people.

One cool thing is my Priesthood line of authority has entered into Africa. I had the privilege and opportunity to confer the Priesthood to one of the guys we baptized a few weeks back- 14 years old.

Had 2 baptisms and the branch is really growing.

After church the branch president asked if I could lock up so I did and as I was about to lock the library I took my bike out, put it outside and a guy was there looking at one of the little bulletin boards. I greeted him and we started talking, I asked where he works, and he says at sea. I ask Mombasa? He says at sea. Turns out he works as a cook on Celebrity Cruiseline and was just visiting home for a few days. His father is a member and showed him the Book of Mormon Saturday and Sunday he felt he should come check out the church and learn more. I taught him the whole Restoration of the Gospel, taught him the Book of Mormon and gave him one, then gave him 5 different general conference Liahona magazines and needless to say he wont be bored anymore on his off time on the ship. He was so excited and grateful and anxious to start reading and learning. He is an amazing guy, 26 years old, and we connected really well. He hopes he can attend church in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami when they are at port.


So do you ride your bikes in the mud? Yup and we don't have mud guards on them yet- this week we are getting some. I have some pictures of getting home with mud all over my back.

Have you gutted and eaten any animals lately? Just a few chicken that members have slaughtered for us but maybe a rabbit in the next few weeks not sure.

Transfer News? No changes from last week

How many people in the ward? In the branch when I got here sacrament meeting attendance was around 68 and now it is at a consistent 82ish. 

Do they have mutual? Nope

How are your allergies doing? Suuuper well- hakuna shida (no problem)

"Never forget that the true way to be happy is to do something to add to others' happiness.  Try to forget self, and joy here and hereafter will come to you." -- President Heber J. Grant

The pictures are of our Kitale District/Zone.  

Love you all - have a great week!

Elder Eveson

Good times with the Kitale Zone

Back Row:
Elders Dick (North Carolina, USA), Thomas (Arizona, USA),
Moline (Alberta, Canada - from my original MTC group),
and Eveson (Portland, OR, USA)
Front Row:
Elders Molosankwe (Botswana), Makazi (Mombasa),
Mwashi (Nairobi), and Utonga (Tanzania)

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