Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 39: Staying in Mautuma, New Members Baptized & Feeding a Monkey

Hahahaha so I have no time today. 

I was really lucky to get online at all. Stayed in our area instead of going to Kitale and there is no internet at the cyber we were going to go to so we used the branch's laptop and it is barelyyy working with the internet. No transfer news for the whole zone - still with the same companion.

I will send a ballin' weekly email next week though.

Highlight of the week: Confirmed 2 people members of the true church who were baptized last week. Also - fed a monkey a banana from my hand this week coming back from our district meeting Tuesday.

I have read 3 emails and will read the rest next week.  Thank you very much for emailing me.

Thanks for everyone who told me Lebron is going back to Cleveland. Who saw that coming? And Tyler, I can't wait to read that email you sent about him next week.

Nobody is getting responses til next week- sorry about that. 

Mom, please send this to the normal weekly email list since it's not letting me access all those names.

Also - Grandma I want you to take my seat at the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo next week.

Have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Eveson

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