Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 43: New Companion & a New District Leader!

What a week. To start off with the big news-- I got a new companion- Elder Kisekka- and had a companionship interview with President Hicken (which included him calling me to be the District Leader) then headed off back to Kitale at noon, arriving at 9. 

During the trip between Naivasha and Nakuru we saw zebras on the road, saw some apes on the road as well. Then just off the road were gazelles/antelope/impala not sure which and also some warthogs and water buffalo. 

Elder Kisekka is pretty cool, he trained Elder Anderson in Mwanza who then trained me in Mwanza. He is from Uganda, 21 months on mission so when this transfer is finished in 2 weeks he will only have 3 months/2 transfers left. Looking forward to the work we will be able to do together.
Sunday we had a ballin day at church. Sacrament meeting was absolutely packedddd and members brought their friends and all our investigators came and we had 21 nonmembers at church.

The senior couple the Flakes have their son and his 3 kids visiting from NY so they all came to our branch and it was sweet. The 2 sons were able to pass the sacrament and all the family bore their testimonies during testimony meeting.

After church I was the last one to change to get ready for the baptismal service and I walked in and saw 6 investigators all dressed in white, and the member who was also to baptize with me, and Wow! The Spirit hit me. All these people have chosen the right path and it has been awesome to see them taught from lesson 1 and now where they are at now. And the branch is awesome- if you visited you would think they were already members because everyone is so friendly and accepting and they all have friends in the branch. After the baptisms we sang 'The Spirit of God' and that was straight powerful. 

Today- just like every Monday we biked almost 9 miles then took a matatu for 40ish minutes to Kitale.

Well I now eat maize (corn on the cob) like aunt Karma- row by row. Fun fact for you.

I will answer all questions in my weekly email next week because of time.

Have you heard anything about the Ebola scare? 

Yes and we are quite far away, and it hasn't been found here.

Gotttaaaa go but have a great week everyone- we are headed to Eldoret for zone conference this week.

Now it's August just a few months til Christmas!

Elder Eveson

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