Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 52: Time Flies & I LOVE My Mission!

Well here's the situation- since the Kitale Elders have to go to Nairobi tomorrow, we had to come to Kitale Sunday afternoon, have district meeting (which was the best, most spirit filled district meeting I have been a part of) then Monday morning go email and return to our areas. Kenya Power Company was doing some work and didn't turn on the power til 1, and now the network started working about 2:30, but we have about 10 minutes before we leave to get alllll the way back to Naitiri, do a baptism interview, then get home to the Mautuma mansion before 7. It's always something.....

Anyyyways- I had a bunch of stuff I was going to say written in my planner but I left that and a bunch of stuff in Naitiri. So hopefully next week we will actually have time to email but I was able to read my emails you all sent, and thanks so much. 
And I guess I will hit a year on Wednesday from leaving home, and a year on Friday from entering the MTC in South Africa. Unsure what we're going to do. All I know is TIME FLIES and I LOVE my mission.
Elder Tebbs and I are doing great- really decking out our flat and having fun staying really busy. 7 new investigators this week and Francis (baptized 2 weeks ago) now is a confirmed member of the true church and also has the priesthood! Super sweet stuff. 
Also a sister in the branch just got her mission call 2 weeks ago- the first sister missionary from the branch. She leaves Oct 30 for the Ghana MTC (Kenyans currently cant get into South Africa) and will be coming to the Kenya Nairobi Mission. 
Next week I'll have a nice email for you all and some pictures. 

But for this week- I hope everyone reading this--- no matter what church you go to or the lack thereof--- to go see Meet the Mormons in theaters. I have heard great things about it.
Also - I guess we will be watching some general conference this weekend with the branch! Looking forward to hearing our living Prophet speak once again!
That's it for now though - sorry for no replies to anyone, but have a great week!
Elder Eveson

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