Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 46: KNM - The Mission for Men

Well the power has been off and on here and time is short but just a few things... 

Super crazy that Cody and Lexi got their permits this week! Congrats and shoutout to them! Time is flying. And they start school soon? Wow sounds like summer is coming to a close.

Sorry nobody is getting a email response this week just a fair warning but I have had time to read everyone emails and thanks for them! Also thanks for all the pictures this week!

Transfers were crazy with so many people moving. Me and my companion are still together but the rest of our zone got mixed up. Elder Moline is also staying and is now training a new missionary (the only new missionary in the mission this transfer). Also, my trainer Elder Anderson is back in the area we served together- in Mwanza, Tanzania.

This is my first time being in an area for more than 3 months which is kinda weird haha. I love moving around but I also love this current area I am in.
We got 2 Elders that went to the Provo MTC- they were serving in Cali while waiting for visas now they are here.. Hahahah they went from 2014 Toyota Carollas and iPads to the Kenya Nairobi Mission. I will just say-- I have gained a testimony of why they call it 'KNM - The mission for men'

I got a Pringles can package on Aug 20th that was sent on Aug 4th from a friend but I haven't got other packages that have been sent to me from a lot earlier which is super weird.

We got our flat painted this week and we were able to go look at a different flat with some people from Nairobi that we might relocate to. It is a superrr nice house and would be super sweet to move into. There are a few problems with our flat and it it just super small so we'll see how it all works out.

A bunch of questions----

How are things going day to day for you? Great yeah yeah

Happy with the new comp? Pros and cons- as to everyone companion 

Enjoying being a DL? Not too much different, just a bit of added responsibility

Still doing a ton of walking? Biking 

Do you do a lot of service projects where you are now? Not really

What is the name of the city you are actually in again? Hahahaha it is nothingggg like a city- just a tiny market in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Way out in the bush. Mautuama is the name of the area. The closest paved road is 14 kilometers from us. 

Have the rains slowed down? Just a littttle 

Do you have running water? Yeah

Can you flush your toilet? Yeah, can you flush yours? 

What is your bed made of? A mattress on a wood frame

What is your house made of? Brick 

Are people relatively friendly? Every single person 

Do you have more members attending (percentage-wise) than in Kyambeke? Not sure

Do people have to walk as far to attend as they did in Kyambeke? Some walk super far

Have you seen any of your buddies lately? Just Elder Moline every week!!

Is Elder Ellingson still in South Africa? Yuuuup 

Are you still receiving written letters from people? Yeah! And thank you everyone for them!

Do you still talk to Jaden? Yeah!

How is he doing? Good- sounds like he is out in the countryside kinda like me, except in Virginia.

Hopefully next week will be a little better with time. And I didn't even tell you guys the lengths we had to go just to make it here to Kitale to email. . . .

Love you all,

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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