Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 45: It's not just a Testimony . . . it's Conversion

Well since y'all wanna know- I haven't heard much at all of Ebola being here in Kenya but according to this article it looks like it is headed this way.

I have only heard of the 2 missions being shut down so far but who knows- any day anything could happen. Ebola is super crazy though- apparently people don't show symptoms for 3ish weeks and they're still contagious for 3 months after of they actually survive and if you get it you have a 10% chance of surviving. 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways-- onto better stuff- today is transfer news and we will know tonight what's happening with the zone and mission. Interesting because there might be a new office elder as well as a new assistant to the president.

This week Elder Thomas (yes, the brother to the one from Tyler's MTC group) came to my area for exchanges which was super fun. His previous area before moving to Kitale was Mautuma so it was him revisiting his old area and seeing people.  

As of this week we have 2 new super powerful investigators which were both referrals. One is a part member family- 20 years, and the other is like 40-45 with 3 kids he used to be a pastor at some church but as we started teaching him he has really accepted everything and loved all the lessons. He came to church twice and we have both these on baptismal date for Sept. 

I love this area- the members are so willing to help us. For example.. Saturday we went to a recent convert's house (first time after baptism) to go over the after baptism lessons and he had his 2 older sisters there for us to start teaching so we were able to go over the Restoration with all of them so it was perfect. Then in the afternoon we went to another recent convert's house (same situation) and she brought 2 people for us to teach so we had the recent convert, her husband, 2 investigators, and the branch president all in the same lesson. We all bore testimony and the spirit was strong- the recent It's not just a testimony- it's conversion. 

Now that I am district leader I was the one to do the baptismal interviews for Elder Moline and Elder Makazi which was sweet. It is awesome to see how far they have come from whitewashing the area.

Saturday night I was getting a haircut and contacted some youth aged people and then Sunday one of them came to church and finished the whole Restoration pamphlet I gave him, which was sweet. 14 years old!

Sunday after church we biked to Naitiri then went with the Flakes (senior couple) to Shikendu and went on splits with the zone leaders then to Kitale Sunday night so that this morning we could play soccer as a zone with some orphans. That was realllly sweet, we played for like an hour then came to town to email.
Well til next week

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Zone Conference in Eldoret

Zone Conference: Take II with
President and Sister Hicken

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