Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 14: The Smallest Miracles Make All the Difference


Today I got all the mail that was sent to Durban- thank you to everyone who wrote and all the support from the ward family during the Christmas season. I also got the test Dear Elders that the Englunds have sent me- one last week and one in the pouch mail package from the Nairobi office today- so feel free to use that method if you want. The steps to do that are listed below my profile picture on the right or below my blog. The letters arrive in 1 week instead of 2+ weeks like regular mail.  And it's free.

This week the senior couple in Arusha brought us the bikes that were at the Elders house in Arusha (Next to Kilimanjaro- the place we stayed when we went there for Christmas) since nobody is currently there so that has been pretty fun. Most everything after you get off the main road is just dirt roads and paths. Mixing some mountain biking fun stuff in with missionary work. They also took us out to a nice Chinese restaurant right on the edge of Lake Victoria.

My zone leader went to Nairobi for 3 days this week so we were in a companionship of 3 which slowed down the work a bit but we were glad to get back on track when he came back. One of the things my zone leader came back with- our area has split- and because of a few things happening/or the lack of it, we had to swap areas. Elder Anderson (my companion) and I had some nicely progressing investigators in our area, the missionary productivity has been lacking a bit on their side and now we have to start from scratch. Feels a bit like week 1 when I got here- find find find.

One thing I wanted to share from when I traveled from Nairobi here to Mwanza, Tanzania. I stayed in the flat (house/apartment) with the assistants to the president (APs). One of them is from Cape Town and I had quite a bit of their currency- Rand- left over so we exchanged a bit since he wants it for when he goes home. He gave me Kenyan Shilling (different from Tanzanian Shilling) and I gave him Rand. Ended up with 2000 KSh (Kenyan Shilling). The night before I came to Mwanza- I had to repack my bags since only one is allowed on the airplane. The assistant to the Pres called a zone leader in Tanzania and confirmed the allowed weight was 30KG. Packed to 30.0KG on the dot. I got to security the next morning at the airport in Nairobi to fly to Mwanza, and waiting in line I noticed it said 23KG was the allotted weight on my itinerary. I showed the AP's and they said they would pray for me and advised me to be really nice to them. I prayed as well.The lady who checked me in said I would have to pay 7KGs over- so I headed to the office to pay. 1950KSh was the charge. I was like no problem here is my card. The power was out (which happens every now and then) and she couldn't swipe my card. My flight was already boarding. I thought- I don't even have any US cash, all I have is Rand from South Africa, and there's no way she'll take that. The thought of missing my flight crossed my mind. I looked in my wallet and there was the 2000KSh I had exchanged the night before, to pay my 1950KSh fee for my bag. I had no idea the night before that's what the money would be used for- and it was the perfect amount. It was all the Lord's plan. I was escorted through security once again, and to my plane in perfect time. Amazing how the Lord works and answers prayers.

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Eveson

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