Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2: The Only Constant is . . . Change ~ Durban, SA, Here I Come!

[From Sister Janet Reber of the South Africa MTC]:

Guess what!  Things have changed.  Tomorrow, instead of going to Kenya....your missionary will be going on a temporary assignment to another mission.  This is due to a visa (temporary work permit) issue in Kenya. 

Following is their new assignment and where they will be flying tomorrow.

It has been a real shock to all of us!  However, we put our trust in God and His plan for us.

We sang as a group "I'll go where You want me to go Dear Lord"...and that was healing.

Tomorrow morning....they will all fly out.

Love from me and ALL of your children,

Sister Reber

Elder Brandon Eveson is heading with 3 other Elders to Durban, South Africa.  They are Elder Tyler Moline from Canada (5 hours north of Edmonton), Elder Travis Hammon from Utah, and Elder Jener Scrimsher from Utah. 

Elder Eveson's buddy, Elder Kash Ellingson from Canada is heading to Cape Town on the other side of South Africa, with Elder Kody Harvey from Utah.  [Hopefully Eveson and Ellingson will serve together at some point after they finally arrive in Kenya.]

Brandon's current companion, Elder Bakubamutwe, does have a permit for Kenya and is flying there tomorrow.  3 additional African Missionaries are heading to Zimbabwe temporarily, and 1 to Zambia.

It is unknown how long they will be in their temporary area.  The work permit visas can take time to process.

I also do not have an updated mailing address for his temporary assignment.  As soon as I receive one, I will forward and post it.  

Life is filled with change.  Looking forward to hearing from Brandon ~ guessing his P Day is still next Monday.

In the mean time, here is a news clip and article on the LDS Church in Africa:

A temple has been announced for Durban, but the exact location has not been determined.  Currently, their closest temple is 350 miles away in Johannesburg.

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