Thursday, October 17, 2013


Landed in Africa after a long flight from London. It was a bummer that the two elders I was with (from Utah) didn't want to explore and said that if we left the airport we wouldn't be able to get back into the airport or to Kenya. Uh ok? So 9 hours was fun in the airport.

We said bye to the 7 we came from Dallas to London with to catch their connecting flight (to the Milan mission Tyler was in), and met up with 2 more [both from Alberta, Canada]. Turns out one is from Raymond, and the other is from 5 hours north of Edmonton. The one from Raymond's name is Kash Ellingson (I think that's how you spell the last name) and we are so alike it's awesome.

[Editor's Note: Brandon's Grandpa, James Grove Eveson, is a native of Raymond, Alberta, Canada, and Brandon has oodles of Eveson and Adams relatives in Raymond. He has grown up heading to Canada often for Canada Day on the 1st of July, and even ridden in their parade and been to many Stampedes. Raymond is an extension of life and family for Brandon. It is a small town near Lethbridge. Brandon's Grandpa was the youngest of 10 children. His mom died while he was young and he came to the States to live in La Grande with his older sister, who was married with a family. He was then enlisted in World War II, as an American Soldier although he was Canadian. When he had advanced as far as possible in the US Army without being an American, he decided to become an American citizen while stationed in Biak - now known as Papua New Guinea. He served in Biak and Australia. He was very grateful for the bombing that ended the war, as his troop was starving to death and they had no provisions on which to continue sustaining life. We're glad he made it too! After the war he returned to La Grande, OR, then met and eventually married Colleen Martin from Huntington and had 3 sons, Ross, Ray (Brandon's Dad) and David. Visiting family in Raymond has always been a big part of their lives. Now you know the rest of the story. :)

Editor's note continued: A little more about Kash Ellingson, his companion. He is an Avid Wake Surfer like Brandon and they have about a million other things in common. Kash had already looked Brandon up on Facebook, thanks to a comment Brandon's mom posted on a Kenya Mission video on Youtube a while back, and was hoping to run into him. Brandon was surprised Kash knew who he was, and a lot about him, when they met. Quite happy he did, though. Amazing how the Lord works . . . ]

We got into South Africa (Yes, 3 continents in 2 days) and met up with a super cool elder from Uganda, then got picked up and headed off to the MTC. 6 of us elders total in 2 cars. It took a while to get here but all is well. A shower sounds so nice after traveling forrrrever.

We got in and got our rooms, and bam guess who's in my room. Elder Ellingson. We both have companions from Zimbabwe that are super cool.

We ate, got some shots, interviews, filled forms out and here we are. MTC tour is in 10 minutes then dinner then orientation.

There are 19 missionaries that all got in today from Africa, US, and Canada. Oh in London we met up with a missionary from the Tri Cities, Washington (Yes, small world, and yes he has been to La Grande).

We are going to the temple on the 24th and we are only here 12 days including today which previously I was told 6 weeks. SUPER COOL I'M IN AFRICA. And with my buddy Kash, who it seems like I've known forever.

Flights went quick and it's nice to finally be here. Not much has happened though, just excited to get on and hit it hard tomorrow. Right now it's almost 3:30pm so I'm not sure how the time converts but I hope all is well and I love you all. Sorry the email is so random and spread out but there is not much else to report on.

As far as the lunch goes it was some South African plate and I dove in and ate it just as John Englund taught me.

Well, not sure of the weeks schedule or if I'll get to email before next week, but take care.

-Elder Eveson

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