Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 1: First P-Day / Note to self: No Hippo Teeth

So - this email might be chopped up but I've written down a few things to share as the week went on. No crazy conversion stories yet - Kenya on Tuesday morning though! 

Sorry I can't send any pictures from here - will have to wait til I'm in Kenya to do that, but the wife of the Mission Training Center President has been emailing photos to my parents, and if I understand they are posted on the blog my mom is updating for me:

Contrary to previously believed - I'm not learning any English, they speak it pretty close to us Americans but the main change is when saying the time they say 25 past if it was 3:25, half past for 3:30 or 10 til for 3:50. Oh and the date is written first then month- so I'm writing this on 24/10/2013

All the Missionaries from Zimbawbe want to shop here in South Africa because the huge port is here so they have all the good fashion things, but it is a very sketchy place. Where there is poverty, there is crime. 

I got asked if my Tiger Woods Nike pants were my pj's, haha. As we are eating breakfast the USA is going to bed. My evening class teacher refers to missionaries from Utah as from 'The Factory'. Hahaha. 

Elder Bednar comes here to speak the day after we leave.

A missionary was just locked up the other day here in Africa for having 4 Hippo teeth in his backpack and it cost him $4,000 to get out the next day. Man what a story that would be. 

Lambos are $350,000 US dollars here.  World cup tickets in 2010 were 5-20 US dollars for a decent seat- which is why the mission president here took all the missionaries here to a game.

Anyways gotta run. 

Love you all and I'll email next week with better content.

- Elder Eveson 

ps. My P-day will be on Mondays - which means [write me by] Sunday evening in the US

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  1. Brandon: remember that you are representing all Americans with your wardrobe choices. No pajama pants, please. ;)