Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 23: Life in The Hills Can Make You Live 127 Years!

Another great week.

Being here in this area I have had time to respond to some emails and since I am on early, it is Sunday night there which has been cool going back and forth with some of you.

Might be a bit short this week but here it goes. This week since my companion is a zone leader we headed to Kilili (small village really far away but the Church is quite strong there) for splits with the Elders serving there- both really cool guys, one from 45 minutes South of Phoenix and the other from Malawi. Got there Thursday, missionary work Friday and came back Saturday. It was a good experience and good times. While there, I met a man that is 118 years old- he looked 80! And the other week in their branch they had someone pass away who was 127. Crazy! Anyways- 7 hour bus ride each way- getting the opportunity to see more of the country which has been nice. It is beautiful here. Saw some more giraffe (same ones I have seen every time) and quite a few ostrich on the ride which was cool. Power came back right when we got home which was superr nice after it being gone for a while.
A few questions I got today on my email I thought I would answer for everyone:

Is your running water a container sitting on the roof with a hose attached, or actual indoor plumbing? It is in a big tank above our house on the hill right behind us with a hose coming in. The water gets pumped from the river to there, then from there into our house.

What are your showers like? Bucket style or actual running water? Any water pressure with that? If we don't have power- either a running water cold shower, a bucket shower with heated up water, or there is the popular option of no shower..hahaha. When we shower- plenty water pressure and when we have power it gets plenty hot.

How do you cook without power? Our cooktop thing is propane so we don't have problems. Just some flashlights and life is good.
Super excited for one of my good friends from home, Jonathan W, who is attending BYU-Hawaii, got his mission call last week- He has been called to serve in the Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission! Going to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center on June 18th, speaking Spanish! The mission covers the south/southwest portion of Ecuador and it also includes the Galápagos Islands. Exciting to see a good friend make the decision of serving the Lord, and I'm excited to see the adventures that await him.
Pictures are coming next week.
I hope you all have a great week- those of you on spring break enjoy it, and those of you working, enjoy it as well! Just make the most of every day and opportunity!

Elder Eveson

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