Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 21 Part B: Update from Elder Eveson!

Wrote this on our preparation day but the computer died before I could send it........

Now in Nairobi for zone conference but not sure what the situation will be for emailing this Monday so just a heads up.

Last week I wasn't able to send out a weekly letter but to update you all- I have been transferred to Kilungu Hills, about 3 hours out of Nairobi. An amazing and beautiful place. Hills hills and more hills. The closest paved road is super far away. 

My companion is super cool- from Eastern Cape and loves to surf. I have been really blessed with my companions so far. I do have another small world story but will share that later.

We went 4ish hours each way on a bus to get all our food for the month a few days ago- here they have the necessities so no worriesss.

 On the bus ride there we saw a giraffe standing like 10 yards from the road and were like whattt, I thought it was a statue but a minute up the road there were 5 more. Huuuge giraffes in the middle of nowhere just eating lunch. So there you go- a story for this week. I have now seen an 'African Animal' in the wild. 

Time is suuuper short but I'm headed to Nairobi this week for zone conference! 

Next week we might be out with the other Elders in our zone a 2 hour walk away so not sure what the emailing situation will be like.

I loaded a photo and hope it comes through. Will take some more this week.

All is well!!
Love Elder Eveson

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