Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 18: It's the Little Things that Mean So Much

Another week down.

I was able to reply to a few emails before the internet went down yesterday - it happens sometimes... or a lot of times- so I wrote my letter and saved it on my flash, got approval to hop on here and send it today.

Sounds like you all were able to enjoy the snow while it lasted. An investigator was walking with us after an evening appointment at around 7:30 pm to the main road since the people here are all so nice and we were just talking, he asked me if the weather was cold for me wearing my short sleeve shirt. It was easily like 70 degrees. I then went on to tell him that back home there is a foot of snow- which the people here have never seen, but have faith that it exists.

That same investigator- he is one of the ones that we found that had been taught by previous missionaries and then lost contact as missionaries were changed. He has turned into a very nice progressing investigator that has a big desire to share the gospel. Very knowledgeable about the Bible and fluent in English which is sooo nice. He probably knows English better than me- and I'm the one who grew up speaking it. My guess is he is about 30-33ish years old. He has already given us referrals and says he has plenty more. He mentioned he loves gospel music and I referred him to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - the next day he was playing it in his home.

I can't say enough good about him and how powerful he is along with his wife. He was able to make it to church and loved it. I will keep you updated on him.

Every now and then we get afternoon rains which last for 10-20ish minutes and just pour like crazy then it's sunny again. My companion and I finished visiting with a family and had to ride half an hour back on the bikes to teach English Class at the church. We left as the storm was coming to an end to get there on time and part of the path we have to ride on turns into a little river when it rains really hard. More of a trail for the water when it rains/walking path when it's sunny than an actual constant river. So my companion and I had to ride our bikes downstream in super muddy water not being able to see the bottom- being anywhere 3-12 inches deep. That was super fun. Then we were having fun cruising downhill in the rain in the river on our bikes and we forgot we had to turn off and just kept going. 100 yards later, we turned around and went upstream. Hopefully when it rains again we will be able to go back and do it again and get some cool pictures.

Few other things- I saw a meerkat and it took me a second to realize what it was because I'm not sure I have seen one before in real life. Also, occasionally we have monkeys just hanging out in our yard- no big deal.

My companion and I found a place that imports A&W Rootbeer and Dr Pepper from New Jersey here in town- although super expensive- one a week keeps me happy and going. Amazing how shocked and happy I was when I saw those- and you guys are around it everyday... .

Also found sweet chili pepper Doritos which I got hooked on while serving in Durban, South Africa. Easily my favorite chips of all time- can't believe I had to come here to try them and they don't have them in the States.

It has been fun to have the Mathers- the senior missionary couple from Arusha- here again this weekend. Dinner with them was great once again.

On the plane from Arusha to Mwanza, where I am at now, they met a guy who is here for work- working with the hospitals regarding eye surgery. He is a member of the true Church- returned missionary, maybe like 30 years old. They ended up staying at the same hotel and invited him to come to church this past Sunday and he did- even though it was all in Swahili and only like 8 members know enough English to converse with him.

Talking with him- he lives in Sugar House (Salt Lake City) and graduated from the University of Utah. I can't explain how nice it was to be able to talk normal English with someone (besides with the others in the mission and the one investigator I mentioned above)- and especially to talk college football. Had a nice conversation about U. of Utah's football season along with Oregon's, and other things going on.

Sad to hear about one of my childhood friends' older brother passing away in combat in Afghanistan this week. I always looked up to him when I would hangout with his younger brother. Knowing the Plan of Salvation really helps in situations like these. Also a few weeks ago- one of my friends I graduated from Sunset High School with passed away. The last words he said to me, the last time I saw him a few days before I left on my mission were "Have fun in Kenya" -AG. Will do.

Hope you all have a great week and thanks for the letters and emails.

Elder Eveson

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