Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 16: 109 New Contacts & Bucket Showers

This might be a bit short-  but wanted to send a few pics to let you see a bit more of my everyday.

This week was a good week with lots of contacting. 109 contacts (not investigators) to close the week. Teaching pool is slowly increasing. We ran into three individual people this week who had previously met with missionaries in the past year or so, but hadn't seen them since. Two of whom have read the Book of Mormon and know it is true and say they have been taught a fair amount- but when the missionaries that were teaching left, contact was lost. My companion and I are excited that the Lord put them in our path this week and hope to start teaching them soon.

This week the power has been on and off, along with the water. Bucket showers and cooking in the dark- I'm finally getting a taste of Mwanza. We do have a 500 Liter reserve tank, so no worries. Just disappointing when we came home one of the days this past week and walk into the house and can't turn on the light or wash your hands. My companion said it happened all the time before I got here, and he has been surprised it's been very steady since I arrived.

One thing we do to find people is teach English class- which even helps me with my Swahili.

The photos got a bit messed up- resulting in wasting a bunch of email time, but next week I'll send quite a few. Not one has loaded.

Anyways thanks everyone for the continued support- have a great week.

Love, Elder Eveson

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