Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 17: Power Surge Swipes Update - Quick News is Great News

So-- I typed out a long nice email, then the power cut, but came back immediately, causing me to lose everything. Next week I will have the nicest weekly email - yes, with pics- but for this week I'll share something from Mission President since time is short, and I can copy and paste..

"We have 36 missionaries who are Visa waiters. They are assigned to the Kenya Nairobi Mission, but are temporarily serving in South Africa, Cape Town, Durban, Zambia, etc.

Also the Kenyan immigration officials have refused 6 permits for missionaries who are already here.  They will need to leave Kenya for now until we can get it changed. This will cause an emergency transfer this week. We then have 14 missionaries ready to depart for home on Mar. 4th

You are doing a wonderful work even though we are short 36 missionaries. The Lord is making up the difference with those of you who are here now. Do you know that the missionaries here now are bringing more souls unto Christ than we did when we had 115 missionaries. ..." 

Currently only 75ish missionaries here and with 20 leaving it will be quite small. Although- we're doing more than when we had 115, so the Lord is really blessing us. 

I know it was nothing that had to do with my week but some interesting info.

Will write more next week and probably won't have time to respond too much, but this time it actually isn't my fault the letter is short.

For those of you family and friends at home and in the Northwest- enjoy the foot of snow. I definitely miss it. 

Have a great week!
Elder Eveson

PS:  Package update - The packages from Durban are with the Mission President, and he will either bring them to me next week when he comes for a visit, or the following week when we meet in Dar es Slaam for Zone Conference.  Thank you again to everyone that sent a package.  I really appreciate it!

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