Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 68: Another Great Week & Shout-out to My Older Brother

Hahahaha so we just got to the cyber and I just wrote mission President now we have about 10 mins then we have to leave to get home for the night. Thanks for the emails- I read all of them but sorry no responses or pictures today..

First off--- shoutout to my older brother Tyler because, as he said, "Tom Brady isn't the only one who got a ring this weekend!". Congrats!

Great week, many people and investigators at church, people showing up out of nowhere wanting us to teach them, blessings are in full effect and your prayers are really felt. Thanks!

One thing- since we have only seen our Elders Quorum President at church 3 times and at 1 Priesthood Executive Committee meeting in 12 weeks, we decided to hangout with him today for Pday. His wife was also there for a bit- it went soooo well and we actually got to know them and start the building of a relationship, more than just a handshake at church every few weeks. Ate, played basketball before the ball literally exploded, went to a place and played pool (still haven't lost the magic touch) and went and ate more food. They are so nice and have the bessst, funniest story of how they met. Anyways great Pday with missionary work. It's nice to feel like a family with members!

We will get transfer news in like 30 minutes- but I might be leaving this area, just a thought I had this week. We'll see. I looooove it here.

Well, until next week! (From Kenya maybe?)

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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